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Bill and Colleen Hensley are a husband and wife who, for 25 years, flew supersonic jets and worldwide jet transport aircraft in the United States Air Force, and state-of-the-art commercial airliners for two of the largest airlines in the world. Together, they have logged over 20,000 flying hours. Their passion is for flying and all things related, however, they have always had an entrepreneurial spirit simmering below the surface.


Bill graduated from the University of California, with honors, with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then entered Air Force Pilot Training (UPT). In the Air Force, he flew the T-37, T-38 and C-141. He was an Aircraft Commander, Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner. During his airline career, Bill flew the Boeing 727, 737, 757, 767-200, 300, and 400. He is also an accomplished martial artist, holding the rank of Black Belt in Go-Ju-Ryu karate. He spent years instructing and competing in tournaments around the United States.


Colleen graduated from the California State University system with a Bachelor of Science degree. She entered pilot training through the United States Air Force Reserves, and flew the T-37, the supersonic T-38 and the C-141.  Following her military service, she flew for nearly twenty years as a commercial airline pilot, holding the distinction of being the first woman military pilot to be hired by that airline. Colleen is a board member for a major hospital in San Diego.   


Bill and Colleen also are the founders of a successful real estate business in Southern California. Applying the principles and models detailed in their book, they created a business that rapidly became recognized as the one for competitors to emulate. They enjoy sharing the keys to their success in radio appearances and speaking engagements. They also devote a great deal of time to community activities, as well as, civic and professional organizations.


Another cause dear to their heart is education. For years, they devoted many hours towards the development of an independent school in an area that was lacking such an option. The school has since opened and has been hailed as a resounding success, due to the incredible expertise of the Head of School, the Board, the Administration, and the Faculty.