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Thursday, 22 March 2012 10:59

Are You Significant?

Written by  Bill Hensley
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Do you ever wonder about the impact you have on this world? Well, if you are reading this leadership blog, it's clear that you DO want to have a significant positive impact on this world, but it's easier said than done.  However, no matter what you choose to spend most of your time doing, it all comes down to the relationships you have. And leadership, doesn't just count in what you do at work. It counts in every aspect of your life.

Becoming a leader in your personal and work life doesn't not come overnight, rather it is a long process that evolves both from your preparation, your experiences, and what you CHOOSE to learn from them. One of the most well-received concepts in our book The Pilot--Learning Leadership is called a Pivotal Leadership Event (PLE). For the purposes of this brief article, a PLE is an event that "pivots" you in a more positive direction after you experience it. The point is that you will be best prepared to learn from your PLE if you understand the concept and are "on the lookout" for them when they occur. If you don't recognize them, you can easily miss an amazing opportunity to improve both your personal and professional life.

More to come. . .


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Bill Hensley

Bill is the co-founder of Pilot Leadership, an organization that addresses all aspects of both personal and business leadership. He flew supersonic jets in the military and  commercial airliners in the civilian world. After leaving the cockpit, he bacame an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the author of The Pilot--Learning Leadership, and Success Simplified (with Dr. Stephen Covey).

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