Pilot Leadership's Colleen Hensley

Pilot Leadership - The Mission Pilot Leadership's Bill Hensley

Applying the principles of flying
supersonic jets to business and life.™

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(Colleen Hensley, contributing author)

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“I’ve never been a pilot, but I do know a few things about leadership. Bill and Colleen Hensley have written an exciting story that blends these two worlds. In this unique book you’ll follow unforgettable characters through challenging situations, all the while learning important leadership concepts you will use throughout your work and life. Stimulating and significant, The Pilot is a great read.”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

“A 30,000 foot perspective on leadership and followership brought down to earth in the form of a riveting story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their leadership, followership, or ability to complete any task with flawless precision.”

—John Donahoe, president and CEO, eBay

“Flying a jet demands the very best from a pilot. The parallels with business endeavors are striking. The Hensleys provide a primer to the young business aspirant that carves a path to success. Follow their lead and you are well on your way to a rewarding future.”

—Captain Rick Hauck, NASA Astronaut, CEO, Combat Pilot, USN,Ret.

“Read this book if you want to be clearer and more confident about your business’s destination, path, and systems—and your own role at the helm. Who can better guide you than the Hensleys’ book based on their training and experiences as jet pilots, which prepared them to become successful business entrepreneurs? Their learnings about setting goals and flawless execution worked for them, and can work for you.”

—Rafael Pastor, chairman of the board and CEO, Vistage International

“If you think flying a supersonic military jet has nothing to do with basic principles of leadership in business, think again. Every chapter of this exciting narrative about flight preparation, risk aversion, and split-second, high-speed execution bears upon what business leaders think about every day or, better yet, what they should think about. This book sets forth how to do things right when it really counts.”

—Dr. Eileen Mullady, former head of school, Horace Mann; former university administrator, Princeton and Columbia

“A book with a riveting story that’s a must read for all serious leaders. You should require every employee in your organization to read this book now.”

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, best-selling author of The Mirror Test, former CMO, Kodak, and judge on The Apprentice