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Sunday, 09 January 2011 15:44

Photo Gallery

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KUSI TV Interview -- Good Morning San Diego

Video Series

Behind the scenes action at a leadership video series production

 James Lipton Inside the Actors Studio

Behind the scenes at TV show Inside the Actors Studio
with James Lipton

Buzz Aldrin

Second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin

 Fox News reportes Sandra Smith with Bill Hensley

Business reporter Sandra Smith with Bill

Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs with Colleen and Bill Hensley

Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs with Colleen and Bill

 Colleen Hensley with Maggie Linton Sirius Radio

Maggie Linton of Sirius Radio interviews Colleen


Colleen on the flight deck of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier 
    (F-18 landing in the background)


Speaking event

Speaking at author development event in Los Angeles

Songwriters Holland Dozier Holland

One of the greatest songwriting teams in history,


2010 BookExpo America, New York Javitz Convention Center,
 at our publisher's booth

Keynote Speech Fire Department

         Bill gives keynote speech at Fire Department Annual Ceremony
                         (Pictured with Fire Chief Kevin Crawford)

Wednesday, 05 January 2011 14:07

Contact Pilot Leadership

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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 17:27

Heart of a Military Woman

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Available Now!

Heart of a Military Woman

Colleen Hensley, contributing author

Available on Amazon.com

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 17:26

Success Simplified

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Available now on Amazon.com (Enter ISBN 978-1-60013-615-3)

Success Simplified -- Simple Solutions Measurable Results

Co-authored by Bill and Colleen Hensley; and Dr. Stephen Covey


Tuesday, 04 January 2011 16:50

Hire for Speaking Events

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Bill and Colleen are available as keynote speakers. The subjects of their talks include Leadership, Mastery of Performance, and Mach One Followership.

For information about hiring Bill or Colleen for a speaking engagement, please complete the Contact form below,
or call 8-777-THEPILOT (877-784-3745).

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Saturday, 01 January 2011 16:03

About Us

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Bill and Colleen Hensley are a husband and wife who, for 25 years, flew supersonic jets and worldwide jet transport aircraft in the United States Air Force, and state-of-the-art commercial airliners for two of the largest airlines in the world. Together, they have logged over 20,000 flying hours. Their passion is for flying and all things related, however, they have always had an entrepreneurial spirit simmering below the surface.


Bill graduated from the University of California, with honors, with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then entered Air Force Pilot Training (UPT). In the Air Force, he flew the T-37, T-38 and C-141. He was an Aircraft Commander, Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner. During his airline career, Bill flew the Boeing 727, 737, 757, 767-200, 300, and 400. He is also an accomplished martial artist, holding the rank of Black Belt in Go-Ju-Ryu karate. He spent years instructing and competing in tournaments around the United States.


Colleen graduated from the California State University system with a Bachelor of Science degree. She entered pilot training through the United States Air Force Reserves, and flew the T-37, the supersonic T-38 and the C-141.  Following her military service, she flew for nearly twenty years as a commercial airline pilot, holding the distinction of being the first woman military pilot to be hired by that airline. Colleen is a board member for a major hospital in San Diego.   


Bill and Colleen also are the founders of a successful real estate business in Southern California. Applying the principles and models detailed in their book, they created a business that rapidly became recognized as the one for competitors to emulate. They enjoy sharing the keys to their success in radio appearances and speaking engagements. They also devote a great deal of time to community activities, as well as, civic and professional organizations.


Another cause dear to their heart is education. For years, they devoted many hours towards the development of an independent school in an area that was lacking such an option. The school has since opened and has been hailed as a resounding success, due to the incredible expertise of the Head of School, the Board, the Administration, and the Faculty.  

Friday, 24 December 2010 08:19

Books by Bill and Colleen Hensley

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Click the book cover to order now!

Click the book cover to order now!

Available now on Amazon.com!
(Colleen Hensley, contributing author)

*    *    *


“I’ve never been a pilot, but I do know a few things about leadership. Bill and Colleen Hensley have written an exciting story that blends these two worlds. In this unique book you’ll follow unforgettable characters through challenging situations, all the while learning important leadership concepts you will use throughout your work and life. Stimulating and significant, The Pilot is a great read.”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

“A 30,000 foot perspective on leadership and followership brought down to earth in the form of a riveting story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their leadership, followership, or ability to complete any task with flawless precision.”

—John Donahoe, president and CEO, eBay

“Flying a jet demands the very best from a pilot. The parallels with business endeavors are striking. The Hensleys provide a primer to the young business aspirant that carves a path to success. Follow their lead and you are well on your way to a rewarding future.”

—Captain Rick Hauck, NASA Astronaut, CEO, Combat Pilot, USN,Ret.

“Read this book if you want to be clearer and more confident about your business’s destination, path, and systems—and your own role at the helm. Who can better guide you than the Hensleys’ book based on their training and experiences as jet pilots, which prepared them to become successful business entrepreneurs? Their learnings about setting goals and flawless execution worked for them, and can work for you.”

—Rafael Pastor, chairman of the board and CEO, Vistage International

“If you think flying a supersonic military jet has nothing to do with basic principles of leadership in business, think again. Every chapter of this exciting narrative about flight preparation, risk aversion, and split-second, high-speed execution bears upon what business leaders think about every day or, better yet, what they should think about. This book sets forth how to do things right when it really counts.”

—Dr. Eileen Mullady, former head of school, Horace Mann; former university administrator, Princeton and Columbia

“A book with a riveting story that’s a must read for all serious leaders. You should require every employee in your organization to read this book now.”

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, best-selling author of The Mirror Test, former CMO, Kodak, and judge on The Apprentice

Friday, 24 December 2010 08:16


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The Pilot—Learning Leadership (Greenleaf Book Group, February 2011)


  Excerpted from Chapter 14 - The Real Thing:

  “Tiger 96, this is Whiley Tower, you are now five miles from touchdown,

winds are still calm, and you’re cleared to land. Good luck, sir,” relayed the



“Gear down and cleared to land, Tiger 96,” Jack responded.


He knew a lot was riding on his ability to get this crippled jet on the

ground safely, not the least of which was the fate of Major Herrera. He

could feel his blood pumping throughout his body, yet he felt controlled

and confident that he was up to the task.


“Major Herrera, can you hear me?” Jack shouted over the intercom,

still hoping for any kind of response.



“Jack, you’re a bit high. Keep her coming down, but don’t develop a

high sink rate,” Neil said.


Jack was too focused to respond with anything more than a “Roger”

over the radio, but he heeded the advice and lowered the nose of the jet

ever so slightly, making certain he didn’t descend too rapidly toward the

runway. His mind chattered away. Jack, you’ve practiced countless Single-

Engine Landings while Chair Flying, in the simulator and in the jet . . .

but you never imagined doing one for real, with your IP unconscious . . . and

from the rear cockpit. . . . How do the IPs do it on a regular basis from back

here? . . . I can’t see a thing!?


“Jack, you’re still a little high. . . . Bring her down a bit.”


Jack heard and processed the call from Neil, yet now he was unable

to respond at all, as he needed to focus entirely on flying the jet onto the

runway and stopping it before he sped off the end. He reduced the power

slightly to continue the jet’s descent.


I can’t see a thing. . . . All of Jack’s available senses and instruments

indicated he was on course to touchdown on the asphalt, not the grass that

was on either side of the runway. He strained to see out the front of the

jet, but his helmet met the canopy before his eyes were able to get a good

look. He relied on his altimeter to indicate how many feet remained until

touchdown. Everything was happening so fast. He intermittently glanced

at the altitude pointer as it passed through 300 feet to touchdown, 200

feet to touchdown . . .


“JACK, WATCH THE . . .” Neil shouted.



Excerpted from Chapter 12 Debrief  - Introduction to Center Seat Leadership:


From Attainment to Refinement


Up until now, the Mastery of Performance–Mach One Followership–

Center Seat Leadership relationship can be said to resemble a vertical

line, with the objective being to attain the latter. Once Center Seat

Leadership is achieved, however, it is better to imagine this continuum

in the shape of a spiral, with every action and decision touching upon all

three elements when necessary. Center Seat Leaders’ quest for mastery

enables them continually to reach higher levels in all three areas—they

refine personal and professional abilities and skills every day, climbing

ever higher on the spiral.


Course Deviation Indicator


In the cockpits of the jets that we flew, we often relied on an

instrument called a Course Deviation Indicator, or CDI. Whenever we

were off course, our CDI would give us a visual indication that let us

know what corrections we needed to make to get back on course. We

have borrowed the term CDI from aviation, since it aptly describes three

crucial characteristics all Center Seat Leaders have in common and use to

keep their businesses on course:


Communicate the course

Drive accountability

Inspire versus intimidate


In a subsequent debrief, we will discuss each characteristic in detail.

For now, just know that these characteristics will become more apparent

as we dive into Center Seat Leadership.

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